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Irrigation Maintenance For Naples, FL

Sprinkler | Goodwin Landscape Naples, Florida
Proper Irrigation Maintenance is very important for maintaining a good landscape.  When the irrigation is set up right you will have less trouble with insects, drought, and disease.  You should always check your sprinklers about every two months.  The most common thing you will find is clogged nozzles, knocked of sprinkler heads, and sprinkler heads not popping up due to wear and tear.  I always check the Irrigation box to see if all is functioning well and to see if the rain censor is working.  There should only be one start time on the box and the start time should be around 4 in the morning, go earlier if you have a lot of zones you have to run.  Make sure that you are watering on the right days that you are scheduled for, you can get all of that info from collier counties website  for water restrictions.

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