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Well I am getting lots of calls of irrigation running while it is raining in Naples FL.
When the irrigation is running when it is raining that means that the rain censor is not set right, not working, or you bypassed it on your clock. The irrigation rain censor on your box is very thin wire so sometimes if it is not baried right or not mounted right it will not work. The city of Naples is starting to bust down on irrigation rain censors not working properply and giving a nice fine for it. So I recommend you get it fixed as soom as possible. Wasting water is getting frowned upon. It is a limited resource so we have to be conservative with it. Another reason why the irrigation rain censor is not working properly is because you have it set to high. I always set my Irrigation rain censor at the lowest it will go in the summer which is about an 1/8 of an inch that will shut it off immediately when water touches it. My favorite irrigation systems are Rain Bird and Hunter. Both seem to last and have the best customer service. The best sprinklers are Toro in my opinion. They seem to be the easiest to work with and have the best nozzles. The nozzles come in 10ft. 12Ft. 15ft. I recommend checking your irrigation system about every two months. The first thing I will check is the Irrigation rain censor. Next i will check the filter if it the irrigation system has one. If it doesn’t than I recommend getting one on a well or city water. Now it is time to check all of the sprinklers. I will run every zone on for about 2 minutes to see how the flow is. If a zone is not getting good pressure than I will check the valve and flush all the sprinklers on that zone by taking all of the nozzles off and letting water flush through them clearing all the rocks, snails, and dirt. That’s about it.

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