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Pest Control at a Florida Home | Goodwin Landscape Naples, Florida
Naples Pest Control for Whitefly, Webworm, Grubs, and Chinch Bugs from Goodwin Landscape
It is Summer and the bugs are out. Controlling these pests can be easy or could be your worst nightmare. Whats worked best for me is bimonthly lawn spraying and switching the chemicals on every visit. I get calls from customers who are not on a spray schedule and are loaded with pests and expect to have everything cured on the first spray, that does not work most of the time. Cinch bugs lay there eggs in the ground and the insecticide will usually not kill the eggs so when the insecticide wears off the new hatch-lings will start destroying your turf. So I will usually do a back up spray 4 weeks after when I come for the first time on a lawn. The White fly are everywhere. Now there are different species going after Palms, Trees of different varieties, and Ficus hedges. The best thing to do is to catch them early so the damage is not done. The signs to look for are discoloring of the plant, the plant starts to defoliate , or plant stops growing. I always put a contact killer and a systemic insecticide to get rid of the pest.

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