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There are many Pests in Naples that you have to worry about to keep your lawn, shrub, and trees healthy. Above are a couple of invading pests that are a big problem in Naples, Fl. These are Chinch bugs. They will go after you grass that is most stressed out. They are most avtive in the summer time. To control them I like to use Bifenthren. That chemical will usually get rid of them. Here is what your grass will look like if you have chinch bug damage.
In order to keep your turf healthy pest control in Naples is a must. Other problems that I have seen are grubs. They will go after the root and kill the grass. They are difficult to control because they can be very deep in the ground.
I like to treat for grubs twice a year. that will usually take care of them. I like to use Dylox, Sevin, or Achephate. These chemicals have worked the best in Naples for pest conrol.

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