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Replacing a Sprinkler Head

Replacing a Sprinkler Head | Goodwin Landscape Naples, Florida
Hi this Tyler Goodwin of Goodwin Landscape. I always get asked to help friends and family with replacing sprinkler heads. And me being Mr. Nice guy I can never say no. When replacing a sprinkler head you should always first see if the existing sprinkler is still good. Most of the time a sprinkler nozzle will get clogged and the pressure of the water will eventually push the sprinkler head of the threads of what ever it was threaded on. But most of the time the sprinkler is good just the nozzle needs to get replaced.
If the sprinkler is damaged find out if it is a 4 inch or a six inch sprinkler. The sprinklers do get bigger but most of them are that size. The damaged sprinkler head should come right off and put the new one on. I don’t put the nozzle on right a way will let it flush for a while to get all of the sand, rock, and other debris out. Then i will put the nozzle on.