At Goodwin Landscape, no job too big or too small.
Mowing & Lawn Care: All lawn and grass areas will be meticulously maintained and evenly cut year-round. The frequency of the mowing services shall be designed around the annual growing season and the specific needs of your grounds.
Grass Trimming: With each mowing any structure, landscape, tree-base, sign, bed, fence, or shrub shall be trimmed to match the even cut level of mowed grass areas.
Edging: With each mowing, all walkways, parking lots, curbs, paved areas and landscape perimeters will be edged.
Hedge Trimming: The even contours of all shrubs, hedges and bushes shall be maintained monthly throughout the year. During this service we will also include the maintenance of the lower canopies of the trees and select palms on the grounds.
Landscape Beds: Particular attention will be given to the landscape beds. These areas will be maintained and kept free of weeds year-round, utilizing both mechanical and chemical methods. We will also remove any dead shrubs and plants during this service.
Clean Up: All grass, tree, shrub, and miscellaneous debris resulting from our services will be removed from the premises. Walkways and driveways will be cleaned of grass clippings and or debris. If any service extends overnight, due to weather conditions or unforeseen circumstances, all walkway areas will be cleaned to the best extent possible prior to our departure.